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Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Q: Why is it important for you to clean the carpet in your home?

A: According to the American Lung Association "Carpet can act as a "sink" for chemical and biological pollutants.

It may be hard for you to remember a time when your carpet and upholstery looked clean and new, but with Majestic’s steam extraction method, cleaning agents (safe for infants and pets) are cleaned into the fiber or fabric then immediately suctioned out with a powerful truck mounted unit. You will be pleased with the results of our deep clean, fast drying (will vary depending upon the levels of humidity in your home) extraction method!

Advantages of steam extraction

  • • Steam extraction is the best method for removing surface stains well as ground in dirt and deep stains.
  • • Leaves less residue on your fabric and fibers.
  • • Steam extraction along with EPA approved cleaning solutions will eliminate the presence of dust, pet dander and bacteria found in your carpet and furniture.
  • • Helps maintain the overall appearance and cleanliness of your carpet and furniture.

Included in our steam cleaning service:

  • • Evaluation and diagnosis of preexisting conditions
  • • Moving & tabbing of furniture that is safe for our two man crew to maneuver
  • • Pre-treatment of all spots and stains
  • • Mild deodorizer
  • • Carpet Brightener
  • • Steam extraction
  • • Final walk through to ensure satisfaction

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Scotch guard and Fabric Protectors:

You take the time to wax your car after you wash it, you place a sealant over your tile and grout. So why not invest in protection for your freshly cleaned carpet and upholstery. You may not be aware, but a carpet guard protection will work against the stains that keep the appearance of your carpet from looking clean and new. After the cleaning process is complete, ask one of our technicians how a fiber and fabric protection will eliminated permanent stains from spills and dirt.